UCAS Calling

Representatives from over 100 different universities, colleges and employers gathered on the campus of Bedford University on the 21st of June to welcome a plethora of potential undergraduate students into the world of higher education.

All shapes and sizes of buses ferried in students from all sorts of institutions in the surrounding counties. One of these carried a large handful of Moulton Sixth Form students.

The day was one of intrigue as the students made their way around the exhibition with their own personal barcodes which could be scanned by representatives allowing them to get in touch via email if the student so wished. This will allow the institutions to let potential candidates know about other open events and exhibitions that could further aid them in making the crucial decisions around this time.

From stalls of one or two university reps giving out freebee pens and heavy prospectuses to talks and seminars discussing everything involved with crossing the bridge to higher education, the event displayed in full the wide range of opportunities available for young adults on the ‘what-do-I-do-now’ bandwagon.

With Moulton Sixth Formers collecting as many as 18 prospectuses’ the exhibition was a huge eye-opener, allowing students a real glimpse into what their futures could look like. With such a huge range of new opportunities becoming available, the Sixth Formers were encouraged to reach higher and reach their full potential.

Attendees left the event feeling a step closer to achieving their goals and more informed when making the critical decisions which are a fundamental part of progressing to higher education. 


Reporter: Phoebe Merrifield