Sixth Form Students Appear in Court

A team of Moulton Sixth Form students traveled to Stafford County Courts on Saturday 28th November to participate in the Midlands heat of the Bar Mock Trial competition.

The annual competition requires teams of students to compete against other schools in mock court cases, with students assuming the roles of barristers, court clerks, ushers and witnesses in each cases.

This was Moulton Sixth Form's debut in the competition and the team arrived at the venue a little apprehensive of their prospects. Their nerves were not helped by a 15 minute spell during which they were trapped in the court's car park with no seeming way out. Despite this unforeseen incarceration, the team equipped themselves admirably during their first case. Taking on Rugby High School, defence barristers Annie Donnelly and Nathan White were charged with the task of securing a 'not-guilty' verdict in their first trial - a feat they duly accomplished. A relieved David Handley walked out of the witness box a free man.

A further Moulton victory followed in the team's second trial, as the prosecution team of Alex Stewart-Moreno and Amy Blood managed to secure a guilty verdict in their case, which centered on an accusation of fraud committed by a magazine journalist against helpless cafe owner Jamie Neath.

With twelve schools competing and only two places available in the national finals at the Old Bailey in London, Moulton's third place finish was a huge accomplishment and testament to the team's preparation and hard work during the weeks leading up to the competition. Well done to all those that took part.