Careers Fair Fares Well With Sixth Form Students

Reporter: Phoebe Merrifield

During this week’s PSHE session, pupils of Moulton Sixth form were given a spectacular opportunity to look around a careers fair held and organised by the school. This was a chance for students in years 12 and 13 to catch a glance into various different careers and higher education institutes. It was designed to help these young adults, at a pivotal point in their lives, get to grips with their future or discover a new pathway they want to take; to be inspired.  

There was a grand total of 23 different stalls and tables, all presenting a unique and interesting profession, ranging from XCAM (a company the designs and manufactures CCD cameras) to apprenticeships at Waitrose to careers in the RAF or Royal Navy! With expert representatives to help paint a broader picture of the career in question, and to give a personal view that maybe students wouldn’t get from the array of facts listed on their websites and free leaflets.

 Each stand had different materials to show the students and give them a taste of the life they may get to lead with such a career (in quite the literal sense for the stalls offering freebie food). The stall representing the Retail Motor Industry Federation, presented students with a simple IPad game called ‘Be the Spark’. This game is based around an animated engine, where students have to tap the corresponding buttons on the screen, in order to keep it going. Two students (Tomislav Surendar Novakovic and Ben Dickens) managed to achieve a high score that wound up to be the best in the country. Needless to say, the interest in this particular company sky rocketed throughout the morning.

There were also representatives for the University of Leicester, the University of Northampton, Moulton College and Northampton College. This was epically interesting to students who don’t want to move straight into employment after sixth form, and instead want to take a particular subject to degree level.  People were able to find out about open days they could attend and grab a prospectus to read and review later on.

On the whole the morning was just bursting with information and inspirational for these kids at the helms of their future. It provided a much needed peak into different occupations and directions that the Sixth Form students found insightful, and potentially, life changing.