Jay's Story

I'm coming to the end of Year 12, having started at Moulton in September. I chose to study A levels in Business, Maths and Chemistry. My old school didn't offer all of the courses that I wanted to study and I'd heard that Moulton was a specialist Science College, so moving to Moulton Sixth Form seemed like a good opportunity. Before deciding to join Moulton, I'd considered applying to NSG and NSB, but when I came to the open evening at Moulton the Deputy Head of Sixth Form told me all about the opportunities for students at Moulton and it seemed really intriguing.

When I first joined I was a little overwhelmed by having study periods rather than being in classes all day. I found it difficult to know how to use my time effectively to begin with, but as my courses progressed and my workload in each subject increased, I found that I began to use the time far more productively. I found the students at Moulton all very welcoming and they make you feel part of the community from day one, so don't feel intimidated about talking to them. 

I really like the fact that sixth formers have a library to themselves to study in. Not all schools have such good facilities and it gives you a lot more freedom so that you are able to study during your frees. I've also really appreciated all of the help and guidance I've received from my teachers at Moulton. They've really helped me to clarify what I want to study at university and they even helped me to organise some relevant work experience to help me when I'm applying for forensic accounting degrees next year.