Debbie's Story

I joined Moulton Sixth Form last September and I'm currently studying Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Business. I made the decision to leave my previous school after completing my GCSE's because at my old school I found that I had lots of substitute teachers, which meant I found it difficult to seek extra help. I considered moving to Caroline Chisholm School and I also looked around NSG but I eventually chose Moulton.  There were a handful of pull factors that helped me make up my mind, such as the high academic standards, the variety of facilities and even the architecture. If having a coffee bar in the sixth form study area doesn't tempt you, I cannot imagine what will!

One of my main concerns when I first started at Moulton was whether I would make friends and build good relationships with my new teachers. I'm sure a lot of people who move schools have similar concerns. However, about a week in to starting Moulton I realised pretty much everyone at Moulton was welcoming and it was really encouraging.

Moulton Sixth Form has a lot to offer students, such as sports clubs and the student leadership programme, so my advice would be to join something that you're interested in and make the most out of your two years at Moulton. I really enjoy being a part of Moulton Sixth Form. It's a privilege getting so much support from my teachers; not only are they determined and dedicated but they also act as a driving force towards success, which I find very valuable. I'm loving my time here and I'm sure you will too.