Elizabeth's Story

I moved to Moulton Sixth Form last year and I study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Business. One of the main reasons I decided to move schools was because Moulton was a specialist Science College, something I thought was important given the subjects I wanted to pick and the fact that I would like to study medicine at university.

When I was in Year 11 I looked around NSB, NSG and Caroline Chisholm. When I came to the Sixth Form Information Evening at Moulton, all of the teachers I met were very friendly and really nice, which made me feel at ease and they all made the subjects that they taught sound so interesting.

If I'm honest, I did find moving schools difficult at first and it did take me a little while to settle at Moulton. I found it a challenge to speak to new people and make new friends. My advice to anybody moving to Moulton Sixth Form would be to make sure that you don't separate yourself from the other students because you are shy - start meeting people from day one!

The aspect of Moulton Sixth Form that I like most is the teachers. They are really knowledgeable, they offer lots of help so that you can achieve your full potential and they always offer lots of encouragement. I also like the facilities the sixth form has, such as the library. The extended opening hours are very useful when you have lots of assignments due.